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Hi, I’m Sue Edwards, owner of SJE Training. My office is based in Uckfield, East Sussex. I have lived in Uckfield with my family since 1991.



I come from East Grinstead originally. My full-time work was with the Caravan Club for about 11 years. I was proudly promoted towards the latter years to become Assistant, then Deputy Editor, of the then Sites Directory. Then I met my husband to be and within a year got married. Another year later I left the Caravan Club to start a family.


I started ‘Edwards Typing Services’ in 1995, working alongside raising my family. We set up my office with ‘dial up’ internet (remember that!) in the corner of our lounge, and off I went! I gained several local clients, who loyally stayed with me for quite a few years, until one by one they all moved away and changed direction.

All change!

Then I realised that I had to work on my marketing to gain more clients. That’s when my journey changed, and my skills and expertise grew. Research and networking told me that my skills were very much in demand. I found that my ideal target market was small businesses, because, being one myself, I have been through the same journey.  

By 2005, the demand had grown considerably for my CV writing skills.  So, I decided to give it a dedicated website, as I knew that it would become more searchable online if I did so. And it did!

So, I became VA Sussex (marketing and secretarial services) and Premium CVs – CV writing serviceAt the time I write this page in January 2018, I have literally created hundreds of CVs (I’ve lost count!) for very happy clients. Some travelling a couple of hours for a consultation.

Evolving with the times and technology, I changed from VA Sussex to SJE Marketing.  It became clear to me that potential clients didn’t know (and still don’t!) what a VA is or does. Just out of interest it means Virtual Assistant, or someone who works on a virtual basis. In January 2018 it evolved further, giving the training arm its own identity, to become SJE Training, this website.

My Skills:

I have been very fortunate to be able to build up an enviable selection of skills. Probably because I thrive on variety and like a challenge.

I have always learnt how to do things myself and I keep a tight handle on my budget. Thankfully the skills I have gained are now sought after. As I really enjoy teaching others on a one to one basis, that’s how the training ‘arm’ came about. Competitor research revealed various group training courses, which are quite common, however local (Uckfield and beyond) one-to-one training courses are few and far between.

A few examples of my key skills:

  • My core skill is writing for business – copywriting (for WordPress websites), writing for marketing material, and CV writing.
  • Excellent customer service
  • WordPress websites – most topics
  • Professional, friendly telephone manner and face-to-face conversations. Phone calls for CV services have an enviable consistent conversion rate of around 99%. Most enquiries have decided that, seeing the website and speaking to me, they are keen to hire me.
  • Quick, efficient, well organised follow up to all enquiries.
  • All aspects of Twitter (except Twitter ads)
  • Many aspects of Facebook (not FB ads)
  • Interviewing clients to encourage the right information from them
  • Interpreting complex and wordy information, changing it into understandable language.
  • Decision-making

…………….I could add lots more, but you get the idea!

I am ideas-orientated with an enquiring nature. If anything needs fixing, I am determined to put it right myself. In our family, we often say ‘Google it’! If we can’t find the answer online, then we try to work it out anyway.

Just in case you are interested in my other two businesses here they are:

Premium CVs, CV writing services with consultation

SJE Marketing – Marketing and Social Media Management Services





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