Face-to-face & Group Computer Training Courses Uckfield & Beyond

Skills for Business, Your Career and for Personal Use

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  • Business: gain confidence to achieve more and no need to pay anyone else to do the job!

  • Your career: up-skill so you CAN apply for that ideal job!

  • Your career: achieve promotion

  • Personal: gain confidence on the internet, keep in touch with family and friends free and loads more!

Face-to-face and group

We welcome listings from a growing number of businesses, for both face-to-face and group training courses.

SJE Training are¬†purely face-to-face computer courses. Why do these work so well? Because it’s just focussed on what you need, so you learn much more¬†in a shorter space of time. With my help you CAN!

Other providers offer a mix of face-to-face and group training courses. If you’re a larger business looking for training, group training courses may suit you better. Please look to see what we can offer you.

Learning a new skill will help you with your business, enable you to achieve promotion, get a new job, or simply help with every day needs.

Face-to-face computer training is much more effective than doing it online, or attending a group session, because it’s just focussed on you. So you will learn much more in a short space of time.

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